Press Requirements

To qualify for AEA Convention Press Registration, the registrant must represent the mass media with a focus on delivering aviation-related news to the general public or a target audience. Press registration is permitted in the following categories:

  • Print media – newspapers, news magazines.
  • Broadcast news – radio and television.
  • Internet – online newspapers, news blogs, podcasts, etc.

Please note the following eligibility criteria for press registration:

  • Freelance journalists/photographers are not eligible for press registration unless they are on a specific assignment from a recognized media outlet. Freelance journalists/photographers should enter the company name of the assigning media outlet when registering.
  • Some organizations will create press/journalist photo ID cards for a fee. Unless these organizations are a recognized media outlet, such ID cards are not sufficient to be eligible for press registration.
  • Photographers are eligible for press registration for editorial photography only. Photographers taking photos for stock houses, resale and other commercial purposes must purchase a paid attendee registration.
  • Internet journalists without traditional press credentials – such as bloggers – may be considered for press registration. Additional documentation may be requested by the AEA on website traffic/subscriber data, and previous coverage of aviation or AEA events.
  • Press registration is not available to advertising, marketing, public relations or management personnel, unless they are assigned as journalists during the event. Individuals serving in these capacities for exhibiting companies may wish to register through exhibitor registration.

The AEA maintains the right to request additional information from any media outlet prior to approving press registration requests, and also may approve or reject any press registration requests for the event.

Registered members of the press may receive AEA Convention news and announcements by email from AEA management and exhibitors.


I have read and understand the requirements above to qualify for a press registration.