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“AEA’s annual convention is a premier trade show for Universal Avionics. The AEA provides a well organized, cost effective, unhurried venue attracting a unique segment of the market: our product dealers, associates and suppliers. Most recently, we doubled the floor space of our exhibit for this show due to the increase in activity.”

Paul DeHerrera, COO, Universal Avionics Systems Corporation

Avionics Specialist Inc.

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AEA Future Conventions

Dates & Locations

2010 April 7-10 Orlando, Fla.
2011 March 22-25 Reno, Nev.
2012 April 3-6 Washington, D.C.
2013 March 25-28 Las Vegas, Nev.
2014 March 12-15 Nashville, Tenn.
2015 April 8-11 Dallas, Tex.
2016 April 27-30 Orlando, Fla.

* Every attempt not to deviate from the above dates will be made; however, the AEA reserves the right to make changes when necessary without notice.