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2013 Rate and Labor Survey Results Now Available to AEA Members

Optimism Soars, While Hiring Activity Creates a Younger Workforce and More Difficulties Finding Qualified Technicians.

The Aircraft Electronics Association's members continue to find reasons to believe business growth is on the horizon. According to this year's Rate & Labor Survey, the AEA's East and West regions in the U.S. show considerably more shops expect business to increase within the next 12 months.

More than 20 percent of the AEA's U.S., Canada and South Pacific member repair stations responded to this year's Rate and Labor Survey. Of those, 62 percent said they expect business to increase this year compared to 56 percent in 2012. In addition, only 2 percent expect a decrease in business compared to the 6 percent that expected a decrease in 2012. Growth is expected in the number of installations, modifications, upgrades and completions, specifically with ADS-B.

Rotorcraft activity continues to climb, as 80 percent or more of AEA members report the profile of the aircraft they maintain now includes pistons, turboprops and rotorcraft, while the number of shops reporting jet activity inched up 5 points to 67 percent.

"With the uncertainty of an election year behind us, businesses are able to focus their efforts on maintaining and retrofitting aircraft and quite possibly have a more focused growth strategy and positive outlook," said Mike Adamson, AEA vice president of member programs and education. "A sign that shops are hiring again is evident by the increased employment advertisements in Avionics News and our most significant decrease in the average years of experience for member technicians since 2008. A younger workforce, increased wages, a 19 percent jump in the number of installation technicians needed and indicators that qualified technicians are more difficult to find all point to renewed hiring activity."

For a complete look at the 2013 Rate and Labor Survey and analysis of the results, AEA members may view the entire survey results online after entering their member login.

This annual survey examines and compares shop and labor rates by national and international regions. It also shows employee benefit/compensation package information, a profile of technician experience, regional employment demand and a business outlook perspective. The quick-glance layout allows repair shop owners and managers to easily compare their businesses to others in their regions of operation.

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